Ultimate Foodie Guide to the 13 Best Restaurants in Bora Bora in 2024

Looking for the best restaurants in Bora Bora? In this ultimate foodie guide, I’ll take you to the best restaurants in Bora Bora (main island).

Feeling hungry?

Looking for the best restaurants in Bora Bora?

In this ultimate foodie guide, I’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through the best restaurants in Bora Bora (main island). On the island, you’ll find a variety of delicious food influenced by Tahitian, Asian cuisine & French Cuisine. The best part? Many restaurants in Bora Bora have beachfront seating, so you can enjoy your meal with breathtaking views right in front of you.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a fun lunch spot with an incredible view, this guide has you covered. Here’s your ultimate foodie guide to the best place to eat in Bora Bora main island.

Tama maitai!

Best Restaurants & Where To Eat In Bora Bora

1. Saint James Bora Bora

St James Bora Bora Terrace at sunset

St. James Bora Bora, located in Vaitape (opposite Toa Amok Supermarket), is hands down my favorite dining spot on the island. It’s a popular choice among locals who enjoy a delightful evening of drinks and small bites. This small, open-air restaurant perched over the water offers breathtaking sunset views and tables on the sandy lower level. At night, you might even see some lemon sharks or manta rays passing by!

While the setting may not be overly fancy, the food is truly exquisite, featuring a delectable selection of French and Polynesian cuisine as well as lagoon fish, fresh seafood such lobsters.

Don’t miss the chance to visit their adjacent wine shop (and bring back some delicious French Wine to your resort) as well as their pastry shop and indulge in at least one of their heavenly treats. The attentive service is impeccable, and the staff is always warm and welcoming.

St. James is open every day except Sundays, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dinner, they provide pick-up service from anywhere on the main island. Starters are priced around $25, while main courses come in at around $40. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, be sure to catch their happy hour, and witness the mesmerizing sunset. Keep in mind that it is best to make a reservation in advance as it tends to get quite busy!

Best for : A sunset, Amazing Dinner
💡 Pro Tip : For an even more amazing experience book a sunset cruise + dinner at the St James.

2. Villa Mahana Restaurant

La Villa Mahana Bora Bora outside terrace

If you’re on a honeymoon in Bora Bora, romantic vacation, or if you are look for a romantic restaurant to pop the question,  this place is perfect for you!

Villa Mahana is a dining restaurant known for being one of the most exclusive restaurant and most romantic spots to eat in French Polynesia. The dining room and outdoor patio have a charming South of France vibe that creates a romantic atmosphere.

Since opening in 2004, it has gained a reputation for offering an exceptional culinary experience. This cozy and stylish restaurant serves delicious food with a mix of classic French flavors and Polynesian influence.

Chef Damien Rinaldi-Dovio is the owner and mastermind behind Villa Mahana, and he never fails to impress visitors with his exquisite dishes. Just a heads up, there are only 25 seats available, so I highly recommend making reservations well in advance. As a fine dining establishment, La Villa Mahana may have higher prices, starting from $40, but trust me, the food is absolutely delightful and totally worth it! Expect to pay at least $300 for dinner with a couple of drinks.

Best for : A special occasion
💡 Pro Tip : Make sure to book very early

3. Bloody Mary’s Restaurant

Inside the Bloody Marys Bora Bora

Here comes the rock star of the island – the infamous Bloody Mary’s! Some people go crazy for it, while others call it a tourist trap. But in my humble opinion, it’s a delightful mix of both. The moment you step in, you’ll be captivated by the Polynesian decor and the option to dine with your feet in the sand. It’s like stepping into a true island paradise, complete with a thatched roof and palm decorations.

Now, let’s talk about the menu. They offer reasonably priced meals, especially for lunch, with a variety of International Cuisine options like burgers, sandwiches, salads, and local fish dishes.

For dinner they offer a buffer where you can pick from the Fresh Catch of the day.

Although, I must admit, the food quality during dinner might not be as impressive. But don’t worry, it’s still a great spot for pre-drinks, especially during their fantastic happy hour with live music. Oh, and you absolutely can’t miss taking a picture in front of their wall of fame or checking out their quirky restroom!

Lunch items usually costs around $15, while dinner can go up to around $40 per meal. Bloody Mary’s is open seven days a week, and they even offer complimentary transfers from certain locations and boat bases.

Best for : Pre-drinks & happy hour
💡 Good to know : As I’m writing these lines (early 2024) The Bloody Mary’s may be closed at times due to the exciting construction of the Bloody Marys hotel! Make sure to check ahead of time to see if they’re open.

4. Bora Bora Yacht Club

Bora Bora Yacht Club Terrace at sunset

The Bora Bora Yacht Club is an open-air restaurant popular among tourists and sailors alike. With its picturesque waterfront setting, this charming it combines laid back, friendly service with bistro-like cuisine.

The Bora Bora Yacht Club also provides yacht services and and the locals love hanging out at the bar. if you’re up for it, they might even invite you to join a game of “Petanque”! While the food may not be the absolute finest, the Yacht Club provides a perfect spot to unwind in the late afternoon with a refreshing beer in hand, while admiring the boats as they gently sway against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Best for : Fresh Beers at sunset

5. Bora Bora Beach Club and Restaurant

Beach Views from the terrace of the Bora Bora Beach Club and Restaurant

Owned by the same proprietor as the yacht club, this open-air restaurant offers a completely contrasting ambiance.

Undoubtedly, they take the crown for the most breathtaking view. Located right on Matira beach, you’ll be treated to a stunning sight of crystal-clear blue waters and the horizon. You can even stop at the Beach Club while on a Jet Ski tour!

They offer simple dishes but don’t even think about leaving without trying their famous “Poisson Cru” – a traditional Tahitian dish that combines fresh fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. – a delightfully delicious and refreshing treat on a hot day.

This place is all about unwinding, soaking up the sun, and creating memories that will stay with you forever. So go ahead, kick back, and enjoy every moment!

Best for : A casual lunch with view

6. Les Délices de Bora Bora

Fish Dish at  Les Délices de Bora Bora restaurant

So, I have to be honest, this place might not offer the best views (there’s actually none) and you’ll be sitting in a dimly lit room, therefore is not very popular towards the tourist. But in my pinion it is actually an hidden gem in Vaitape center.

The fantastic service and the delicious food more than make up for it. The team are the most lovely people of the island and the food is both fresh and authentically Polynesian traditional dishes, with generous portions.

You’ll also find Fresh Seafood on the menu.

Billie’s Tip

So here is my insider tip : If you’re not in the mood to dine indoors, they also provide take-away lunches for a mere $12 – quite a steal considering the prices in Bora Bora. Treat yourself to a delightful meal and head on over to Matira beach!

Best for : A delicious takeway lunch

7. Bora Bora Healthy

poke bowl

Bora Bora Healthy is another incredible place off the beaten path, where tourists usually do not venture. Tucked away in a quaint corner, this family-run business is a true hidden gem for those seeking an authentic experience of French Polynesian culture or looking to stick to a budget while indulging in delicious cuisine.

On weekdays (only), they serve the biggest, freshest, and most mouthwatering poke bowls on the island for around $12 (in doubt? Go for the Raw Tuna). There is no sitting area so grab it and head to the beach!

Best for : The best Poke Bowl of the island.
💡 Pro Tip : Be sure to arrive early as they sell out every single day, a testament to its quality and popularity! Oh, and remember, they are closed on weekends.

8. Aloe Café

If you’re looking for a quick (yet delightful) and affordable breakfast or lunch before exploring the island, then Aloe café is the place to be!

The atmosphere and menu are simple, but the food is fresh and delicious (you have to try the mussels & ocean trio, they’re amazing). The view on Mount Otemanu from this angle is pretty cool and Oh, their french croissants are absolutely heavenly!

Aloe Café is open every day from 6AM to 6PM, except on Sundays when they’re closed.

Best for : A Quick, delicious breakfast or lunch

9. Snack Matira

Snack Matira Bora Bora

If you’re on a budget and craving quick and satisfying light meals during your day at Matira Beach, you’ve got to try Snack Matira!

Open everyday but Monday from 10AM to 4PM it is packed with Bora Bora locals, especially on the weekends. Now, I won’t lie, the service can be a bit rude at times, but trust me, the breathtaking views totally make up for it.

Their menu is packed with classic fast food items like sandwiches and burgers. It might not be the most gourmet meal of your trip, but the portions are huge, the prices are super affordable, you will eat with your feet in the white sand and the view is absolutely unbeatable.

Best for : A super cheap lunch at Matira Beach

10. Snack Otoamana

Beach views from Snack Otoamana

Same view, better service try Snack Otoamana affectionately known as “Chez Mamie” by the locals. Don’t bother checking the menu, just go straight for the “Poisson Cru” – it’s unbelievably fresh, super delicious, it is one of the best of the island. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxed lunch break in between tanning sessions or water activities. Open every day except Saturdays, from 11AM to 5PM.

Best for : A poisson cru with a view

11. Le Panda d’Or

Inside Le Panda d'Or bora bora

If you’re in the mood for Chinese cuisine or looking for a quick service or convenient take-out dinner option, Le Panda D’Or is the place to go in Bora Bora. While the ambiance may not be the most charming, the food is good and comes in generous portions at affordable prices. Situated across from St. James, this restaurant is open every day except Sundays.

Best for : A take away dinner

12. The Lucky House Fare Manuia

I’ve put this one last position because, when living in Bora Bora, I’ve had a terrible service there 3 times in a row, which made me decide to stop going. However and to be fair I must admit that apart from that, the place is actually quite nice. It has a charming little plunge pool that you can enjoy, and the food they serve is good and quite good value for money. So, despite my unfortunate encounters, I encourage you to give it a try and form your own opinion. Who knows, you might have a better experience than I did!

Best for : Lunch or a take away pizza

13. Les roulottes (food trucks)

And finally, I saved the best-kept local secret for last: The Roulottes. These charming food trucks are an integral part of Polynesian culture, where locals gather to enjoy dinner together. You’ll find them on every island, setting up in the late afternoon.

While the majority are located in Vaitape center, you can also discover them scattered around the island, conveniently parked along the roadside.

Now, let’s talk about the mouthwatering food you’ll find at The Roulottes. They offer a wide variety of local favorites, from fresh or grilled fish to juicy steaks and crispy chips. Craving something different? They also serve up delicious pizzas, savory crepes, and even mouthwatering Chinese cuisine.

As you approach, the tantalizing aroma of grilling meat will welcome you with open arms. Take a leisurely stroll through the area, explore the diverse options, and choose your desired meal.

The ambiance is incredibly relaxed and popular among locals, offering an affordable and enjoyable dining experience. Oh, and be prepared for generous portion sizes! On some occasions, my husband and I would share a single meal and still feel like we had more than enough.

And here’s the cherry on top: a meal typically costs around $10! So, if you’re looking for a unique and friendly dining experience in French Polynesia, make sure to visit The Roulottes. Make sure to learn a few Tahitian words before going, locals will be even more friendly to you!

Best for : A super casual dinner with local people.

Map of Restaurants In Bora Bora

Here’s a handy map showing all the restaurants in Bora Bora from this list. You can easily find the ones closest to your accommodations if you decide to stay on the main island.

Enjoying a delicious meal is one of the best thing to do in Bora Bora and the island has a diverse culinary scene that matches its stunning island scenery. From casual food trucks to traditional restaurants, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds.

Whether you’re up for trying local Polynesian dishes or craving familiar cuisines, Bora Bora’s food scene will satisfy your cravings. And remember, dining in Bora Bora is not just about eating – it’s an experience filled with culture and flavors. So, take your time to explore, savor, and enjoy the delicious delights this paradise has to offer.

Bon Appétit or as they say in Tahitian, Tamaa Matai!

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